Our Technologies

Waste Not. Want Not.

Municipal solid waste landfills are the third largest source of

human-influenced methane emissions – behind agriculture and energy production.

Ingenco rescues used tractor-trailer engines from the scrap heap and repurpose them to run on that toxic methane.

We position cells of those recycled engines at landfills, where use the methane created by municipal waste to generate Green-e certified renewable power.

Landfill Gas Explained

Use The Bad To Do Good.

Decaying trash in landfills releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas.

Instead of venting the methane into the atmosphere, we capture it.

The gas is filtered and piped to our generators.

Our generators make electricity for your clean needs.

Hour for Hour

100% of Your Load,

100% of The Time.

When the sun sets and the wind stops blowing, fossil-fuel-fired electric power generators are used to fill the gap for solar and wind generated power.

Landfill Gas to Energy meets 100% of your load every hour of the day without greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in less fossil-fuel power generation.

No Fuss, No Muss.

Short Term Contracts
Low Wattage Requirements
Transparent Pricing
Close To Home

Our Customers Put Muscle Behind Their Climate Commitment

Sustainable Energy. Sustainable Jobs.

Solar and wind create new jobs during the development phase, but once

they are up and running, the jobs dry up. Each of our facilities employs

full time operators, electricians, and mechanics who receive training, attractive

compensation, paid vacation, sick leave, full healthcare packages and

401k/Profit sharing plan..


Ingenco is a no nonsense, no frills company that uses an existing resource, landfill gas, to generate renewable energy.


INGENCO Selected as Finalist by Roanoke Valley Resource Authority

30 Oct, 2013

INGENCO Constructing Four New LFG-to-Energy Plants

30 Oct, 2013


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